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Glamm offers manicure care made entirely by hand with special attention to detail and experience.

Glamm Manicure

  • Exfoliation & cuticle cleaning
  • Nail shaping and polishing
  • Application of 3 coats of baked nail color
  • Hand massage and moisturizing
  • Moisturizing cuticles with OPI Avoplex oil

    Express Manicure

    • Glamm treatment without the massage and with 2 coats of color instead of 3  - (3 coats of color increases the hardness of the manicure)

    Glamm Manicure & Exfoliation

    • The Glamm treatment + an exfoliation of the hands and forearms with sugar and essential oils LoveFresh

    Glamm Manicure & Spa Mode

    • The Glamm treatment + a hand and forearm exfoliation with sugar and LoveFresh essential oils + a refreshing anti-heat mask

    Glamm & Dip Manicure

    • The Glamm treatment with an application of Dip powder nail polish instead of baked nail polish.

    Glamm Manicure for children

    • The same Glamm treatment as for the adults, but for 10 years old and under!