The Project

It is the project born from all my experiences of work, school, friendships, relationships and life in general. As I was finishing my twenties in 2011, I wanted only one thing, to fulfill myself. With an X perception of my life at that time and no idea where I would go on this adventure, I wanted to build my business around my core values and find an inner peace that would allow me to be the best I could be. With the years that have passed, I have learned a lot and I am committed to make my project evolve through my personal growth. Glamm is gradually transforming itself towards a vision that projects my evolution and what I wish for the people I love, their well-being. The only thing that will never change at Glamm is who I am and the mandate that is dear to my heart, to make you feel good.

Roxanne St-Denis

Founder and President

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The power of a team

We believe in the strength of a united team that loves and appreciates each other. The strengths of each and every one of us make us better and it is by helping each other that we offer a vibe of harmony that sets us apart in the field of beauty. At Le Glamm you will be served by many beautiful people and they will all play a role in your experience. Each of our employees has been carefully chosen because they have something special to bring to you.

Our care and our shop

Glamm is an amalgam of elements that are put in place to serve you in your lifestyle. On site we offer a soothing decor, treatments that rejuvenate and a boutique of products that will complement your needs at home.

Each of the elements that you will find at the Glamm, I have chosen them for you, because I know you will appreciate them. I believe in everything I offer in my business because I consume it every day and it makes me feel good. My choices are based on an ecological evolution, healthy, natural and high quality ingredients.

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The vibe

"Only good vibes allowed!" Our vibe is probably our biggest asset, it's our priority. It's what creates the slack when we enter the Glamm and allows us to let go, to let ourselves be taken care of. It's an amalgam of important details that make up a whole to make the experience an inspiring and resourcing moment.